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Wigle Organic Wheat Whiskey

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Wigle Whiskeys a pot-distilled Wheat Whiskey as a thoughtful alternative to the continuous-distilled corn whiskey that currently dominates commercial whiskey. Wigle makes its Wheat Whiskey from local, organic grains that the distillers mill on-site the same day they start a batch. Wigle distills in small batches in a traditional copper pot still to preserve the sweet, mellow character of the heirloom wheat grains that it works with.

Each batch is barreled in small 15 gallon charred oak casks for more than a year before it is hand bottled. No two batches are the same, as they each reflect the evolving terroir of Western Pennsylvania from year to year as well as the proclivities of distiller at the time it was crafted. 

Notes of salted caramel, malt, cinnamon and vanilla. 

Winner of a Silver medal at the American Craft Spirits Competition.

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