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Turns out Johnny Appleseed was not just a cheery storybook 
character with a pot on his head. Johnny was an eccentric vagabond, who wandered the country barefoot and befriended animals wherever he went. And he planted lots of apple trees that made hard, sour fruit. Johnny’s apples were inedible but they made great alcohol. It’s no surprise then that he was living in Pittsburgh, the epicenter of the American spirits world, during the Whiskey Rebellion and likely fought alongside another hapless hero—Mr. Philip Wigle. The name Walkabout is a celebration of this quirky Pittsburgher, who from his vocation to the way he promoted apple tree growth (from seed rather than from traditional grafting) was not a linear thinker. 
Our Walkabout Apple Whiskey is distilled from rye, wheat, corn and barley, aged in new, charred oak barrels with applewood staves. The whiskey is then “proofed” down to bottle strength with a boutique apple cider blend from Soergel Orchards in Wexford. For optimal flavor, this whiskey is best consumed 
by the end of winter.

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