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Maggie’s Farm 50/50Pineapple Rum is a blend of two different rums which are separately infused with fresh pineapple via two different methods. Our award-winning white rum is macerated with fresh pineapple as well as vapor-infused with barks from dozens of fresh pineapples using a gin basket that is traditionally used to infuse flavors into spirits. The dark rum component, which is distilled and aged in the Caribbean is infused with the meat from the pineapples whose barks are used to flavor our white rum. These two rums are then blended together and allowed to mellow before bottling. This creates a more flavorful, aromatic expression of pineapple than rums which are flavored using commercial extracts or artificial flavors. We only use real pineapples to flavor our 50/50 Pineapple Rum.

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