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Hughes Belle Of Bedford Toasted Rye 7 Years Old Black Label

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Hughes Brothers "Belle of Bedford" Barrel Proof Toasted 6-Year Rye Whiskey

Tasting Notes: Nougat and butter cream mix with a balance of rye spice and oak. Lots of black pepper, toffee and roasted almonds.


About: Great whisky requires a good flavor profile and a captivating story. However, the true history of whiskey in America is often overlooked. While Kentucky is famous for Bourbon, the origin of American whiskey is actually Pennsylvania, where rye whiskey was first produced by Eastern European settlers in the 17th century.


The Hughes family, from Bedford County, Pennsylvania, has a long history intertwined with whiskey production. Bedford County played a significant role in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, when farmers and distillers protested a federal whiskey tax. This event tested the authority of the young U.S. government.


The Hughes family, known for their farming and milling, also distilled their grains into Straight Rye Whiskey. Their high-quality product gained a following across the country, lasting for five generations. However, Prohibition in the early 20th century forced the Hughes Bros distillery and others to close.


After Prohibition ended, distilling in Pennsylvania became less economical due to high taxes and regulations. The rye whiskey category suffered greatly, but it is now making a comeback. Pennsylvania is now home to a booming distilling community, with more distilleries than Kentucky.


The Hughes Bros Distillery is being revived after 100 years with the launch of Belle of Bedford Straight Rye Whiskey. A descendant of the Hughes family is resurrecting the distillery, honoring its legacy and reputation. This Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey, aged for eight years in American oak, boasts bold, spicy characteristics typical of great Rye Whiskeys. Be part of the historic relaunch of the famed Hughes Bros Distillery by enjoying this exceptional whiskey.

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Categories: American Whiskey, American Whiskey,