Bloomery Sweetshine Cre, 750 mL

Bloomery Sweetshine Cre, 750 mL Maximize


A Sweet Spin on Moonshine
Bloomery Plantation Distillery, known for
SweetShine®, its line of moonshine-based
cocktail liqueurs, introduces the distillery’s
first boldly inventive flavor in its new line
of premium liqueurs that are designed
specifically for mixologists who are
looking for the ultimate cocktail enhancer.
This new, earthy flavor, different in
proof and profile from the Distillery’s
SweetShines® yet identical in quality and
attention to the craft, is called Cré™ (Irish
Gaelic for “earth”) and is sure to make all
other liqueurs “green with envy.”
Cré™ is made from a bountiful collection
of botanical ingredients sourced by the
Distillery’s “master macerators” with
a focus, as always, on locally grown
ingredients whenever possible, including
ingredients grown right on the Distillery’s
12-acre farm in West Virginia.
These fresh ingredients are combined
with crisp, cool water and, of course,
some very high-proof moonshine. Cré’s™
complex and intriguing flavor, at once
earthy and bright, is complemented by its
deep verdant hue; a brilliant green that
simply sparkles, whether behind the bar

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